7.4. Contributing to Fermentrack

Want to help? Great! There are a number of ways you can get involved in this project. To help you get started, some areas in which you can contribute are listed below along with additional resources for getting started.

7.4.1. Reporting Bugs/Issues

Found a bug or issue (or have a suggestion for how to improve)? Awesome!

The best way to reach out is to either open an issue on GitHub or discuss your issue or idea in the HomeBrewTalk thread (or - ideally - both). Both of these are actively monitored, and will help to keep track of progress towards a resolution.

7.4.2. Developing Fermentrack

Interested in helping develop Fermentrack (or improving its look & feel)? Fantastic - Fermentrack is an open source project, and all help is welcome.

Fermentrack is a Python-based application which uses the Django framework. It is open source and is managed on GitHub. To help you get started, take a look at the developer documentation located within Changelog, Licensing, and Development. After reading, if you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out. I do recommend reaching out (either on HomeBrewTalk or by raising an issue on GitHub) prior to developing a feature that you ultimately would like merged back in.

7.4.3. Documenting Fermentrack

A project like Fermentrack is only as good as its documentation. Documentation for Fermentrack is (currently) written in reStructuredText with an eye towards Sphinx. The source for the documentation is located in the docs/source folder in the Fermentrack repo on GitHub.

If you are familiar with GitHub, pull requests that include documentation fixes are always welcome. If not, reach out on GitHub or the HomeBrewTalk forums and we’ll be happy to help get things updated.