7.3. Included Components & Licensing

Fermentrack is licensed under the MIT License, the terms of which can be read here: License

Fermentrack contains a number of JavaScript, Python packages, CSS, and other components to help provide additional functionality which are provided under their own licenses. Some of these packages are listed below.

7.3.2. JavaScript Packages

Fermentrack provides some of its functionality using JavaScript. Some of the third party JavaScript packages used within Fermentrack include:

Package License
jQuery MIT (Expat)
vue.js MIT (Expat)
Dygraph MIT (Expat)
Moment MIT (Expat)
Moment Timezone MIT (Expat)
Respond.js MIT (Expat)
html5shiv.js MIT (Expat)

7.3.3. UI (CSS, Fonts, etc.) Packages

In addition to Python and JavaScript packages, Fermentrack utilizes a handful of third party images, icon packs, CSS files, and fonts in rendering the user interface. Some of these include:

Package License
FontAwesome (Font) SIL OFL 1.1
FontAwesome (CSS) MIT (Expat)
Bootstrap MIT (Expat)
FlatUI MIT (Expat)
5x8 LCD Font SIL OFL 1.1

7.3.4. Separate Applications

Fermentrack is designed to help install or manage communications with certain key applications. These applications are not incorporated into Fermentrack but may be bundled with the software as a convenience.

Package License
BrewPi-Script GPL v3
BrewPi Firmware GPL v3 (and potentially others)
Avrdude GPL v2
Fuscus GPL v3
esptool.py GPL v2