6. Adding a TiltBridge

TiltBridge is a standalone piece of hardware which is designed to allow your Tilt hydrometer to connect directly to WiFi without the need for an old cell phone, tablet, or Raspberry Pi. TiltBridge remains connected 24/7 and allows you to keep logging your specific gravity - even when you aren’t next to your fermenters. It is cheap, easy to use, and open source.

This can also be particularly useful if your Tilt hydrometer is inside a steel conical or thickly insulated fridge, where the Bluetooth signal may have a hard time propogating to your Raspberry Pi. When placed near the Tilt hydrometer, the Tiltbridge can rebroadcast the Tilt’s relatively weak bluetooth signal as a stronger WiFi signal direct to your WiFi router, allowing you to place your Raspberry Pi receiver further away from your fermentation unit.

6.1. TiltBridge Setup


Finish the Tiltbridge Setup page